KCS pvt ltd, SEO company in nagpur which helps to rank your website on top of search engine.

We are here to help clients who seek SEO to rank their website | Here is a breakdown of our SEO services

SEO Audit

Our clients area unit first subjected to SEO audit that helps them perceive their current position on search engine. Our SEO audit report offers clients a holistic understanding of their Ranking, Meta Description, Keyword Analysis and web site Ranking Report.

Customized SEO Strategy

Following our SEO Audit, first we meet with the clients to understand their need and then make SEO strategy that suits our client's needs.

Content Based SEO

Our strategic and knowledge driven SEO ways is enforced preponderantly within the variety of content based mostlySEO. we tend to make sure that your content is keyword made and susceptible to visibility once searched by Google. Your On Page SEO and Off Page SEO square measure well taken care of by our team of SEO consultants.

Why Choose Us As your SEO Consultant


Typically, a commendable SEO ranking takes a minimum of three months to measure. As a SEO company in Nagpur, India with an expertise of serving purchasers for the last a pair of years, we tend to build our voice clear before linguistic communication up. Some websites take time to rank, some don't. However, progress matter and that weguarantee that with our monthly SEO report.


Yes, it's true! though it's robust to follow, the reality is that Google changes its algorithms perpetually. Thus, with regards to our SEO services - our promise is pretty simple. we tend to believe a SEO policy that produces positiveyour content based mostly SEO strategy is well maintained in the least updates.


Our SEO specialists, believe the ability of SEO audit to assist build a decent SEO strategy for your whole. A well analysis keyword analysis helps us determine the right SEO strategy that might fit your whole. A commendable SEO strategy forever takes time to evolve..

Our SEO Process

At KCS,SEO company in Nagpur, India, we integrate our SEO services into different categories and tailor their needs for our clients.

1) SEO Audit

The first step we tend to endure once a purchasers comes, is to perform a SEO Audit. Holistically, our SEO audit contains the subsequent details.

Backlink Audit
- Perform AN analysis for conducting all-inclusive backlink for your web site. give details on the noxious and non-toxic links. it's important to get rid of the noxious links as this may increase your spam score and would harmfully have an effect on the rankings of your web site. With the most recent Google algorithmic ruleupdate it's important that your links square measure from quality high domain authority sites. At Spinta Digital we tend to target building prime quality links and maintaining the link profile of your web site.
Site Audit
- An extensive website audit is conducted on all the pages of your website to determine :-
Technical problems
-To check errors in your web site, together with meta tags, title tags, H1 Tags etc
- Keyword Usage, Keyword Density, Keyword Length, linguistics Keywords and Image improvement
Google Page Speed Audit
-Provide a report on however your website/page speed ranks on the Google.
Mobile Friendly Audit
- Check if your web site is responsive and mobile friendly.

2) SEO Research


Keyword Analysis
- Analyse on keywords that square measure best suited for your web site. give a report that shows what keywords rank high and what ranks low.
Keyword Rank Checker
- Report on however completely different keywords rank within the web site. Includes a holistic read of short tail and long tail SEO keywords.
Keyword problem Checker
- resolve however difficult/easy it's for your chosen keywords to rank on Google programme.
Long Tail Keyword Checker
- perceive however long tail keywords and linguistics are often wont to increase your website's SEO.
Web Content Analysis
- Analyse the length of your website's content, its readability, its keyword strength and density

3) Competitor analysis

Competitor research
- establish your client's key rival and their targeted keywords that helps them rank.
Performance Metric
- offer a comparison report on however your performance ranks with regard to your rival.
Backlinks Metric
: the standard backlink profile of your competitors.

4) Implementation

Keyword windup
- nail down the last spherical of keywords that may be used for the consumer.
Content Generation
- Generate, keyword optimized content that's useful in building incoming traffic for the web site.
On Page SEO
- Implement content for acting on-page SEO.
Off Page SEO
- Implement content for acting off-page SEO.
- Work on building backlinks through alternative incoming promoting ways.

5) Result

- Report on however your webpages has graded for individual keywords.
Traffic Insights
- offer reports on however organic and inorganic traffic has worked for the web site.
- offer holistic analytic report on however varied schemes have helped in keyword positioning and ranking.